Character Advancement


Advancement Key

Note: Remember the skill level limits, and don’t increase beyond max allowable value for your tier:

Heroic (2) / Veteran (3) / Epic (4)

+2 Occupational Skills – Choose two new occupational skills from any of your character’s careers. Instead of adding a new skill you can increase the level of an occupational skill your character already has by one. If you choose to do this with both new occupational skills you can increase the level of just one skill by 2.

+1 Military Skill – Choose a new military skill from any of your character’s careers or increase the level of a military skill already had by 1.

+1 Ability – Choose a new ability from any of your character’s careers

+1 Connection – Choose a new connection from any of your character’s careers

+1 Spell – Choose a new spell for your character to learn from one of their career’s spell lists

+1 Stat – Increase one of your character’s primary or secondary stats by 1. Do not increase beyond max allowable value.

+1 Archetype Benefit – Choose another archetype benefit from your character’s archetype

+1 Career – Add a new career to your character sheet. You do not gain any of the starting skills, abilities, connections, money, or equipment (this is for new characters only) but as you level you can choose advancements from the new career

Character Advancement

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